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Its National Book day and – boy – do I have a book for you! 

HITMAN FOR THE DEAD is a “vintage paperback format” novella that I wrote to preview and road-test the new Dark Horse Comics series. We made up about 6 or 800 of them for San Diego and still have a few left. If you order one on this National Book weekend, you can get a autographed copy for the $10 cover price plus $1 shipping. (I eat the rest). 

The whole book is available below in case you want to check it out first. 

Dealers are welcome but since I was selling the book at San Diego with the guarantee that “if this first version was not worth at least 100 to 400 dollars within a year, I would buy them back,” I have to stick to the 10 buck price. And we are limiting dealer or stocking stuffer quantity to 10 copies (post paid by me).

Just hit me up at to order, or snail mail me at PO Box 467251, Atlanta, Ga. 31146

Happy National book day!
Bob Burden


Bob Burden was at the San Diego ComicCon July 18th – 21st doing some signings at the Dark Horse booth and the first HITMAN FOR THE DEAD story in a limited vintage paperback format: a 25K word novella in a preview “Beta” format that precedes the First Edition (which should be available by Christmas}.

We have been receiving a number of queries if this was an Exclusive for SDCC. Or if it would be available by mail or at other shows. Exclusives for the San Diego Comic Convention must actually be submitted to a board and the SDCC Exclusive is a very coveted and collectable product line and a very proprietary and well protected brand.

Please be informed that this book is not a SDCC or San Diego Con Exclusive product nor is it exclusive to SDCC. It will be available (while supplies last) at other cons, including DragonCon and New York, if Bob makes it there again this year!

Download the complete story here:

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